Who is thismug.life?

teamLife does indeed revolve around our mugs.

Many of us start the day with a cuppa, we take elevenses with a cup of tea. We finish lunch with a coffee and have afternoon tea if the mood takes us. Life revolves around the mug or teacup. (Is there anything nicer than sitting around a campfire after a long day in the great outdoors, with friends and family?)

So if mugs are so special, why don’t we treasure our mugs a bit more?

After all, we expect them to work hard – holding our precious drinks with care – and we toss them into the washing bowl, risking the very existence of our mug. We judge them if they don’t ‘feel’ right and at the same time use and discard takeaway mugs without a care in the world. And chucking china mugs away is such a massive problem because they are rarely recyclable.

Don’t even get us started on ‘disposable’ mugs – if there is one thing that we would love to do as thismug.life is make it super easy to remember your own mug, and reduce the number of ‘use once, stay on the planet forever’ mugs that come your way if you are a lover of a cuppa.

We wanted to find the kind of mug that would last a lifetime in a USEFUL way. So we got to work: looking for wonderfully made, hard wearing mugs. When we found some, we didn’t want to keep them to ourselves.

Team thismug.life

And so thismug.life was created by Bristol born and bred husband and wife team, Steve Mundey and Claire Stone: two people on a mission to save the world from bad (read: ugly or poorly made mugs, disposable or un-recyclable ones) mugs.

Steve (he’s the one with a beard) is a musician, singer, designer, techy-creative type who lives for good coffee (never served with a plastic lid) and Claire is a nutritionst-type who loves hot water (I know, I’m sorry) chocolate & nachos, picking up litter, running around outside like a kid (including jumping in the water at any opportunity) and is more optimistic than she should be.

As a team, we bring together a desire to make things that look good, are useful, and which last, with the aim of looking after this wonderful world we live in.