100 Days of Litter Picking
Wow. I can’t quite believe that I’ve now done my first 100 days of litter picking as part of my New Year Resolution to pick up 20 pieces of litter every day for a whole year. 100 days. Blimey. That’s quite a lot of cigarette butts, pieces of chewing gum, sweet and crisp packets, plastic […]
6 surprising bags you can use for a litter pick
Here at we like to take care of the world we live in. We do this in many ways; packing our mugs in only cardboard (or we reuse bubble wrap if a mug has a long way to travel), reducing the amount of single use plastic that we buy (shampoo soap is our latest […]
Hot chocolate for your valentine
So, Valentines day is coming, and you want to treat your loved one to a lovely mug of hot chocolate. Rather than lazily opting for any old bog-standard hot chocolate from a jar, why not show your sweetie* that you really care by putting in a tiny smidge of effort and whipping up a glorious […]
New Year, New Mug
It’s that time of year again – when we swap an old year for a new one, and somehow hope that we’ll become a different person. We have dreams of becoming fitter, healthier, more adventurous, tidier or more clever. So many things that we feel we should, or could be, if only we travelled a […]
When good mugs go bad
Our mugs are lush. Really gorgeous. Obviously I’m slightly biased, but they really are fab. But as with anything, sometimes things go wrong. Especially when they aren’t being mass-produced. Which can be a tad tricky when you are a bit of perfectionist and at the same time can’t bear to waste something great. Our mugs […]
Drying your mug
If you’ve owned an enamel mug for more than five minutes, you’ll know that there’s only one, very small, problem when it comes to washing them up, and most specifically with drying them. You know what I’m talking about: the turned-over rim likes to catch the water and bubbles as it stands on the draining […]
Where it all began
You know how people talk about ideas which just pop up, without warning or without trying. They just suddenly appear, as if by magic and they just make sense? That’s exactly what happened with We were driving back from a bank holiday weekend visit with some friends in Leamington Spa (hey Hilary!) and hubby […]
Why mugs?
Mugs are the centre of life. They are the holding place people turn to when the chips are down. When the sun rises in the morning, a mug is the friend we reach out to. We hold them, gently but firmly and caress them absent-mindedly as we ready for the day. We grab one as […]