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Drying your mug

Drying your mug

If you’ve owned an enamel mug for more than five minutes, you’ll know that there’s only one, very small, problem when it comes to washing them up, and most specifically with drying them.

You know what I’m talking about: the turned-over rim likes to catch the water and bubbles as it stands on the draining board.  This means that when you come to dry your mug, you might end up getting slightly more bubbled that you had planned.

This doesn’t mean you have to dry your mug while carrying an umbrella.

You just need to do one simple thing to solve the ‘water and bubbles in the lip’ issue.

Drying your mug.

Drying your mug the best way:

All you need to do is to make sure that you put your mugs on an angle when you pop them on the draining board.

That way, the water and bubbles will run off properly and all you have to do is wait until your mugs are dry and then put them away – all the bubbles and water will have drained off, and you’ll be ready for another cuppa. You’ll then officially be a champion at drying your mug.

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