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When good mugs go bad

Our mugs are lush. Really gorgeous. Obviously I’m slightly biased, but they really are fab.

But as with anything, sometimes things go wrong. Especially when they aren’t being mass-produced.

Which can be a tad tricky when you are a bit of perfectionist and at the same time can’t bear to waste something great.

Our mugs are a great example.

They are hand-made in Spain. Each and every single one of them is a tiny tad different.

Which is excellent. Totally part of the plan.

But when we get our mugs, and get our designs engraved on them, sometimes mistakes happen. The engraving can be too faint. Or might go a bit funny half way through.

And there is our dilemma.

Our mission is to save the world from waste. Specifically plastic waste from throwaway cups.

But any wastage is, as far as we are concerned, something to avoid as much as possible. Which is really tricky when you have to decide whether or not something is good enough, and then if it isn’t, what to do with it.

So: rather than create more waste in the world – because we definitely don’t need an more waste – we decided that any mugs which are perfectly ok to use, but which just don’t quite look as wonderful as they could, are going to be sold as seconds. You know, clearly marked as being ‘almost perfect’ and sold at a lower price so that someone, somewhere can still appreciate the brilliance of an enamel mug without being concerned that it looks like a work of art.

Which is why our log book aka newsletter (which comes out just a couple of times a month) will featuring our almost-perfect mugs as and when we have some. So if you are an enamel mug lover, and really aren’t bothered by perfection (or plan on trashing your mug anyway!), sign up to the log book (form below) so you can get your hands warming around a perfectly imperfect mug before the milk goes off.

Or take a gander at the wonderful selection of mugs we do have right now.