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Hot chocolate for your valentine

So, Valentines day is coming, and you want to treat your loved one to a lovely mug of hot chocolate.

Rather than lazily opting for any old bog-standard hot chocolate from a jar, why not show your sweetie* that you really care by putting in a tiny smidge of effort and whipping up a glorious mug of chocolate?

*’sweetie’ also includes yourself, obvs

To make a delicious, nutritionist (that’ll be me, Claire Stone) approved hot chocolate, you only need: some cocoa powder, some full fat milk (whatever kind you like), some honey or maple syrup if your sweetie isn’t quite sweet enough, and the perfect mug.

Hot Chocolate Method:

  • Heat a cup of milk in a little saucepan. If you are camping, you could always heat up the milk IN your mug to save on washing up…
  • Pop  a dash of milk into your mug, and stir a teaspoon of cocoa powder to make a paste.
  • Once the milk is nearly at the boil, pour into the mug containing your lovely chocolate paste and stir vigorously yet smoothly until it is all beautifully chocolately. Mmmmmmmm, I’m day dreaming already.
  • Taste, and add sweetness if required. You might find that this kind of REAL hot chocolate doesn’t require anyextra sweetness at all, but feel free to add some if needed. Valentines is not the day to start lecturing your sweetheart about health and nutrition!

Serve with whatever you like – personally, I think some chocolate on the side, and grated and sprinkled on top make it absolutely divine. But if you can’t take that much choc-choc, some homemade cookies are the perfect accompaniment instead. Either way, sit back, and bask in the glory that comes with making really good hot chocolate.