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New Year, New Mug

It’s that time of year again – when we swap an old year for a new one, and somehow hope that we’ll become a different person.

We have dreams of becoming fitter, healthier, more adventurous, tidier or more clever.

So many things that we feel we should, or could be, if only we travelled a bit more, ate a bit less, faffed around in a more organised fashion blah blah. And even though we know our resolutions are most likely to fail, we’ll still give them a go and hope that we won’t become just another failed resolution statistic.

Rather than make you feel bad for trying to do something different this year (because, after all, there’s nothing wrong with trying to do, or be better) we totally understand that sometimes, it’s the small stuff that can make the biggest difference.

For example: you want to be healthier, so you’ve decided to drink more water. Brilliant aim, all the power to you (and a nutritionist, I’m always excited by people wanting to drink water!). Here’s the thing: when you aim to drink more water, be really savvy about what makes a difference. Drinking water when you first wake up = really useful whereas just glugging away whenever you remember isn’t quite so beneficial. So get a fab mug so that drinking a cup of water when you first wake up is a doddle.

Or, let’s say you want to be kinder to the planet. Maybe you want to do that by reducing the amount of single-use plastic that you use. A mug which you can stick in your bag, or hang off your rucksack and which won’t get easily broken would be a great way to help you with your goal.

Or maybe you want to really get stuck into your gardening this year. Make your plot a really lovely place to hang out. A nice mug which you know can take a bashing will really help your green-finger plans because you won’t have to keep popping in to sup your tea.

Now, obviously, I’m not saying that our mugs are the the only way you can change your world. There are plenty of wonderful ways to drink more water, reduce plastic, or do more gardening.

But, if I’m honest (and perhaps a tiny bit biased), our mugs are a little bit world-changing, which is why we love them so much. Which is why we invite you to think about choosing a new mug for yourself this New Year.

Whatever you do, and however you do it, we’d like to wish you a most wonderful 2018.

With love,

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