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Where it all began

You know how people talk about ideas which just pop up, without warning or without trying. They just suddenly appear, as if by magic and they just make sense?

That’s exactly what happened with

We were driving back from a bank holiday weekend visit with some friends in Leamington Spa (hey Hilary!) and hubby and I were chatting in the car, as you do, with the kids popping in random comments as and when they felt the need.

Our conversation rambled here and there as we headed down the M5, and it was just before we reach the Gloucester Services (OMG – the best service station in the world, and even though it’s only 30 minutes from Bristol, we nearly always stop in there because it is so very lovely!) that our conversation turned to ‘things that I could give to my workshop participants – because I’m a nutritionist, don’t you know, and I run away day workshops for businesses – to take home and remind them to drink water first thing in the morning’. Not a very deep conversation to be fair, but we rounded upon the idea of a nice mug.

The kind of mug that you would be inspired to drink from when you woke up in the morning.

With a lovely logo on it, like ‘Queen of Hydration’ to remind you that drinking water is a good idea and turn you into a superhero. But, within a few short minutes, we’d gone from ‘ooh, that would be nice’ to ‘blimey, why don’t we find some really amazing enamelware mugs that we could put fun and cool designs on, and share with the world’ and suddenly we were in a bit of a frenzy as to how exciting it would be to actually do this.

At the services, I was checking out the mugs that they sell there (very beautiful ones, sourced from the Far East though…) and before we’d even parked up at home, the kids were going to be the official chief packers, Steve was Head of Design and I was charged with finding the mystical UK made mugs. Because, for us, it felt super important that if we were going to create and sell something, it would have to be well made, long lasting, recyclable, honest about where it was from, and above all, truly useful. If I had known then how hard that would be, we might have been slightly less idealistic about our mugs…

That was when it all began, on 28th August of this year, 2017.

In less than six weeks, we’ve established that there are no British made enamelware mugs, found some amazing creators of mugs just across the sea in Europe, designed and built a whole website from scratch, wrote a poem about mugs, ordered some mugs, made a mess of a few mugs (oops), realised that there are many ways of sourcing ok mugs, but that finding great mugs is both tricky and expensive and done quite a bit of dancing around the kitchen when we sold our very first mug.

I’m feeling pretty proud of what we’ve done so far, and doing my best not to freak out about the fact that in less than 11 weeks it will be Christmas. We have mugs but we have no idea where all this might go.

Time to make a nice mug of tea and chill my boots perhaps…