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Why mugs?

Why mugs?

Mugs are the centre of life.

They are the holding place people turn to when the chips are down.
When the sun rises in the morning, a mug is the friend we reach out to.
We hold them, gently but firmly and caress them absent-mindedly as we ready for the day.

We grab one as we meet friends, and warm ourselves mid-day with a cuppa to regroup.

Mugs are our tradition.

They are our staple. Our solace in the chaos of life.
Our five minute embrace in the face of adversity.
Our grandparents knew the importance of a good mug. We do too.

We need our mugs.

Around the campfire they overflow with joy.
Filled with something hot to heat our bones, or something chilled, bringing laughter, friendship, and maybe even song.

Nothing brings us together like a mug.

Nothing pauses time quite like a mug.

Fill it as you will. Use the time as you must.

A mug is a breather. A time out, without the whistle.

Surround it with views. Fill it with love.

And yes, fill it with life until it overflows.