We want you to feel the love for our gorgeous mugs which is why we will deliver your mug(s) for a low flat rate of £2.90. If you live outside mainland UK, higher postage charges will apply – but don’t be sad. It means you live somewhere cool!

We’ll deliver your mug(s) via Royal Mail parcel post, and it should be with you within 5 working days.

Our packaging

We are a friendly bunch here at as I’m sure you can already tell. We also aim to be as friendly to the planet as we possibly can, which means doing things a little differently.

For instance: our packaging is always either made from recycled materials, or, where we can, we reuse actual packaging from goods delivered to us to reduce the amount of material that even needs to be recycled in the first place. So you may notice that the paper wrapped around may look a tiny tad crumpled because it was originally used to protect your mug on its way over from Spain. Or that we’ve used some bubble wrap to protect your mug even though we don’t buy bubble wrap ourselves.