Can I place a bulk/custom order?

Hellah yeah!

In fact we love bulk orders because it means we get to offer you an even better price for your mugs.

Whether you want some blank mugs because you are a mug designer yourself and want to do your own thing with them, or if you want some mugs created by us just for you, or even if you want to buy a boxful of our designs for your clients or team, we can help!

To share the love of all things mugs get in touch. (the sooner the better because custom orders take a tad longer than usual, and we don’t want to leave you mugless!)

Do I need to pay for delivery?

We keep our costs to a minimum, so it’s just a flat rate of £2.90, added at the checkout.

Our mugs are sent to you via Royal Mail. If you needed a super fast delivery, please get in touch and let us know what you need.

See our delivery page for more details.

How do you package your mugs?

We are a friendly bunch here at thismug.life.
We also aim to be as friendly to planet earth as we possibly can, which means doing things a little differently.

For instance: our packaging is almost* always either made from recycled materials, or, where we can, we reuse actual packaging from goods delivered to us to reduce the amount of material that needs to be recycled in the first place.

So you may notice that the paper wrapped around your mug may look a tiny tad crumpled because it was originally used to protect your mug on its way over from Spain. Or that we’ve used some bubble wrap to protect your mug even though we don’t buy bubble wrap ourselves.

That way, your mug will arrive safe and sound and we won’t have wasted a shed load of plastic and paper getting it to you. Which makes us feel all lovely.

*sometimes we just can’t get recycled packing materials and may have to take the executive decision to use non-recycled in order to properly protect your mug while it travels to you.

I don’t live in the UK. Can I get some mugs?

Sure thing – but there will be additional costs relating to shipping.

Please do get in touch so we can ensure you get your lovely mug.

Log Book aka Newsletter

Too many emails? How to unsubscribe from our newsletter/Log Book

Simply head to the bottom of one of your emails, find the ‘unsubscribe’ link, and head there, and we promise not to email you again.* One thing that would be super kind is if you tell us WHY you are unsubscribing. Not so we can pester you; but so we can make the Log Book better for the people who do receive it.

*Unless you’ve placed an order with us; in which case you’ll still receive the emails relating to your order so you know when it’ll be ready etc!

What is this Log Book thing?

Our Log Book is our way of staying in touch with you. It will be short, useful and share details of new mugs and designs – we aim to inspire and make your chuckle.

When you place an order with us, you will automatically be added to our email list and will then receive our Log Book once or twice a month from us.

Mug questions

Can I recycle my mug?

Absolutely. In fact, one of the reasons we love our enamel mugs is the simple fact that they are fully recyclable. You simply need  to take them to your local recycling centre, and drop them in with the scrap metal.

You never know, someday someone may be drinking from mug that was once, a mug…

How do I look after my mug?

Our mugs are as happy in the dishwasher as they are being cleaned in a mountain stream (or your kitchen sink).

If your mug gets especially dirty, soak it in hot water and use the non-scouring side of your washing up sponge to remove the grime – ideally don’t use the sharp scouring side because this could scratch the surface (which isn’t a problem in terms of cleanliness, but it doesn’t look all shiny and new!)

You’ll see that enamelware is very easy to keep clean (and due to it having a glass surface, is naturally very antibacterial. Which is lovely bonus!)

All our mugs are Burned On, or Baked In which means that, unlike printing, the designs will not fade or come off as a result of keeping your mug clean!


Is there anything I shouldn’t do to my mug?

Never, never ever, ever ever, no never put your mug in a microwave. Steel + a microwave oven = bad idea.

And don’t forget, your mug is a mug. Drink from it, eat from it, enjoy it. But don’t use it for things that it was never intended for.

Read our Mug Pledge.

What are enamelware mugs?

Enamelware is just glass fused onto metal (such as steel or iron). Which sounds simple, but involves a lot of shaping metal, dipping and painting and then firing in a very hot oven to bond the materials together. It’s a technique which has been around for hundreds of years, and it creates a product which is supremely hard wearing and is yet easy to recycle.

Which is why we love it so much – and sell enamelware mugs exclusively.

The surface is, essentially glass. Which makes it non-porous (so you can use your mug for coffee, then give it a wash, and it won’t taste of coffee when you pop a tea bag in there!), scratch and cut resistant, and very resistant to bacteria too. And even though the surface is essentially glass, because it has been bonded to the metal, it is very very hard to break. Of course, if you drop it onto a hard surface, it may well chip, but then so would your teeth. But unlike a normal china mug, your floor won’t be covered in tiny sad pieces of mug.

Enamelware is very much a heritage material; and yet, it is also the kind of material that can literally change the world by virtue of being hard wearing AND totally recyclable.