Our Mug Pledge

thismug.life is actually a mug for life.

Say what? You read that right.

We believe the best things in life should be made to last a.VERY.LONG.TIME.

Our mugs are the very best: made in Europe by skilled mug-makers.

So if your mug doesn’t last, your next one is free.

We are proud of our mugs. We know that you are going to love sharing your life with one of our mugs. You’ll become attached to your mug; you’ll end up taking it on walks, on trips to the seaside, even abroad on holiday with you. It will become your mug for life.

And just like you as you age, your mug will get worn too. Depending on what you fill it with, it may change colour slightly. And depending on how vigorous you are with washing up or throwing it into the back of the van along with your dog and your walking boots, it may get scratched or dented a tad.

Or it may get battered and bruised like me on those aerial rope adventure things.

The chips that occur on the outside (from dropping it on a hard surface, for example) don’t hinder your mug in anyway. Kind of like scars, they just add a little character; they are signs of a life well lived. And just like scars and wrinkles, you simply have to make peace with how ‘perfect’ has a different definition as you age.

A mug with some chips on the outside is something to be proud of.

A mug with chips on the inside; well, that’s a different matter. Chips on the inside – ie on the internal surface that comes in contact with food and drink – mean that your mug should no longer be used.

Now, one of the things that we are super proud of is the fact that, unlike ‘normal’ china mugs, our enamel mugs are very very hardy. Like an old wizend shepherd, they may age, they may weary, but they are darned hard to break.

So chipping on the inside is very very unlikely. Super unlikely.

Which means that if you do chip the inside of your mug, we’ll shout you a new one. Assuming of course that you were using the mug, as a mug, to drink from, maybe eat from, and not as a hammer, or pestle and mortar, or some other random thing I can’t think of at the moment of writing this.

Yes, you aren’t dreaming. We’ll send you a brand new mug (one from our current range*) and ask that you turn your old mug into a flower pot or pen holder so that it doesn’t end up sad and alone.

Your replacement mug will be free*

*all that we ask is that you pay the postage – deal?

And if you do happen to damage your mug in some sort of spectacular fashion – such as smashing it while climbing Everest, or, accidentally exploding your mug while creating a brand new ‘cooked on the campfire’ souffle, we again pledge to you that we will replace it. We’ll obviously require photographic evidence (ideally shared on social media so people can see just what limitations there are when it comes to mugs) or we may ask for the mug to come join our mug graveyard at thismug.life basecamp (this graveyard is currently very small – 0 mugs rest there currently!) but when it comes to replacing your mug, all you need to do is choose one from our current range* and we’ll get it sent over to you (once you’d paid the shipping costs obvs).

*We exclude our Special Editions from our Mug for Life Pledge because if you are the kind of person who actually manages to trash a near indestructible mug, then you really can’t be trusted with a precious Special Edition. (smiley face)

Of course, terms and conditions apply – we might sell mugs, but we aren’t actually mugs, and if we feel you are taking us for mugs (with spurious or suspicious claims for example) then our pledge becomes null and void at our own discretion.

But, you’ll find that we are proud of our mugs, and we stand behind the philosophy that when something is well made, and used properly and cared for with love, it should last, and last, and last. Just like that old hammer from 1952 that still sits in the garage, ready to hammer a random nail at any moment.