About our mugs

Where do our mugs come from?

We’ve searched high and low to find enamel mugs that are made properly; made to last, and made with love. Such mugs are hard to find if you aren’t looking for them in a factory in China (we’ve got nothing against factories in China – we just wanted to find mugs which were born a little closer to home.)

After a lot of searching, we found our mugs hiding behind an old cattle shed in a field in Belgium. Only joking.

As close to home as possible

Currently, our mugs come from glorious Spain – a country which, you may be surprised to hear, has a long tradition of making enamelware. We hope to continue to bring mugs from Spain and at the same time are working to bring enamelware mugs from other locations, such as Poland, Austria and Czech Republic, so that you can really feel continental, all while sitting around a campfire in Devon.

Our designs are baked into our gorgeous enamel mugs

(And because we are so very funny, we like to call them Baked In)

Baked In is what you do to a design that gets painted or printed onto a mug before it gets fired for the final time. The design is thus baked into the enamel, creating a smooth and satisfying finish (much like a posh ale) which is as indestructible as the mug itself. Because this happens as the mug is actually being made, the designs aren’t ‘on’ the mug like a standard printed enamel mug – the designs are actually part of the mug, which we like a lot.

Baked In means the design is there to stay. So choose your mug wisely

Beautifully imperfect and unique

Pictures of our mugs are, as always, for illustration purposes only. What you get will almost certainly look slightly different due to nature of both creating the mugs themselves in a non-automated fashion, and the process of baking in the designs.

This is precisely what is so beautiful about all products which are made in a more old fashioned way – not by super modern machinery, banging out cheap replicas by the thousand.

For instance, some mugs will have a black rim and some mugs will have a rim which is mainly black, but with some white on it.  The bases on some mugs little tiny dents in from where they are placed on a stand in a kiln, and some will have tiny ‘bubbles’ on the base or chips and cracks inside the mug from the way that the enamel has dried. We aim to be as accurate in our descriptions as possible, but due to the very nature of our products, we reserve the right to allow for these unique differences without notice.